Welcome to Charm School 2012!

Here you will find the information that you need to have a fun and successful charm swap.
For the past couple of years I have hosted the charm swaps at Creative University.  This year built this website to share with you the how to videos, links, inspirational images and the guidelines for our swap.  There is quite a bit of information on this website.  Most of the images are hunted and gathered from my many trips around the web. 

Please do not feel overwhelmed with all the information. 
I've tried to break down all the info into bite sized chunks... just take it one section at a time

(Please note that the particular details regarding the Woodland Fairy Charm Swap were for Creative University 2012.) 

How to use this website:
Click on the above tabs to navigate the website.  The tabs contain the following information:

Guidelines - Guidelines for the current Creative University Charm Swap.
Charm School - Links to videos and how to pages for constructing charms & jewelry techniques.
Inspiration - loads of eye candy to get your creative wheels a turnin'.
Charm Fairies -
do you have what it takes to be a fairy?
Charming Ladies
- The current list of the ladies who have signed up to swap charms.
Swap Sign Up - Your link to the Survey Monkey sign up "form".
Contact Me - do you have a question? Contact me here.

How to Sign Up:
After you have read the guidelines and checked out Charm School, you may sign up by clicking on the "Charm Swap Sign Up" Link in the above menu bar.   You will be directed to a survey from Survey Monkey.  Please fill it out and when you're finished it will send the results to me.  I will update the Charming Ladies list every few days.  **

I'm so excited to see your charms!

Inky Smiles!