Simple Loops & Wrapped Wire Loops

There are so many tutorials online for jewelry making.  YouTube is choc full of them.  Here is a fabulous (professionally filmed - easy to watch) tutorial on making wrapped wire loops to finish off your charms.  Watch this awesome video from or click HERE to view the step by step photo instructions. (Great for slower computer connections.)


Firemountain Gems Wrapped Loops

 Firemountain Gems Simple Loops Tutorial

Here are two tutorials from Rings N Things:

Simple Wrapped Loops (shown using an eye pin) - Great for making "connectors":

Wire Wrapped Loop (shown using a flat head pin)

  1. Use chain-nose pliers to grasp the wire just above the top of the bead.
  2. Use your fingers to bend the wire sharply over the top of the pliers, at a 90° angle. You should have 2-3mm of straight wire between the bead and the bend.
  3. Use round-nose pliers to grasp a spot just above the bend, and use your fingers to smoothly bend the wire all the way around the tip of the pliers.
  4. Now use pliers to grasp the wire firmly across the loop. Use your fingers or chain-nose pliers to carefully wrap the wire around the stem. For best control, experts recommend you break this step into a series of half wraps.
  5. Trim excess with flush cutters.

A Fun Charm Tutorial using the Wire Wrapped Loop Technique

Here is a "charm" tutorial.  Karla from Auntie's Beads is making earrings which is basically what "charms" are... only on your ears.   You can take premade earrings that you find at yard sales and on clearance sales in retail stores and convert them to charms, too!   Watch closely as Karla makes 3 different types of "charms".  She shows more detail in the end on how to make the wrapped loop. Instead of attaching your charm to the earring wire, you will be attaching it to a jump ring.

Auntie's Beads Earring/Charm Tutorial

Jump Rings
Jump Rings are essential to making jewelry.  Here is an excellent video on with working with Jump Rings.

Firemountain Gems Jump Rings (& split rings)