Resin art is a lot of fun and you can make some gorgeous art with resin.   If you plan on doing a Resin art charm make sure you SEAL your photo or artwork BEFORE applying the resin as explained in this excellent video.  Elmers White Glue and Mod Podge are GREAT sealers!     (PS.. sealing also applies to using CTMH Liquid Glass  or other types of Crystal Lacquer type glazes which can cause some inks to bleed.  Don't take your chances on your beautiful artwork... seal it first!)

I purchase my resin at Hobby Lobby.  I think the full price for the Easy Cast brand kit is around $20.  Last December purchased a kit and I used my 40% off coupon.  This stuff lasts forevvvver.  I made all of last year's charms and several this year for myself AND did resin dominoes at my mini retreat in Utah and still have more than half of the resin left.  Resin is a good thing to go in on with a friend, too.  Do your charms all at once.

Resin can be dangerous and tricky to do. 


Please wear gloves and work in a well ventilated area. Resin can cause chemical burns if left on your skin.  I would not work with resin around children or adults with disabilities.  Please use common sense when working with resin

Making a Domino Resin Pendant

Artbeads Ice Resin Technique

Little Windows Doming Resin

 John Golden's Resin Tutorial