Antiquing Metals For Your Charms

Many metals will develop a natural patina (oxidizing and aging  - rust on iron, tarnish on silver, green on brass & copper) over time. You can achieve patinas artificially as well. 

Here are some examples of (man made) antiqued/patina'd jewelry:

Liver of Sulpher is a chemical method of oxidizing metals and creating a beautiful patina. Here are some links for using Liver of Sulpher to antique your pieces.

Holly Gage

How To Make Jewelry

Do It Yourself Antiquing

Here are a some photos of two bracelets that I made for charm bracelets and then "antiqued" using the Liver of Sulpher method.  This is a relatively easy, yet somewhat stinky method of adding tarnish and patina to your metals.  The longer you let the item soak, the darker the patina becomes.  Note:  Do not soak jewelry that has beads already on it.  It can change or damage the color of the beads.  Read all the instructions that come with the brand of LOS that you purchase.

  Bracelet BEFORE the "livering".  Nice and shiny!

Bracelet getting ready to go for a swim.

Bracelet AFTER the soak in the liver of sulpher and a
rinse in the baking soda/water solution to stop the tarnishing.

See the difference it makes? FABULOUS!