These are our 2012 CU Charm Swap guidelines. 
Please read all them thoroughly so that we can all enjoy our beautiful creations.

*  You will be making TWO sets of charms, 10 of each (Filler and Art), for a total of 20 charms.
*  You will keep  1 Creative charm and 1 Filler charm for yourself (2 charms).
*  You will receive back 9 Creative charms and 9 Filler charms (9 sets or a total of 18 charms).
*  You will have 20 total charms from this Charm Swap.

(*NOTE* You may  want to make additional charms for swapping with ladies who's charms you do not receive back. You will not receive one from every participant.  In the past couple of years there were many ladies who wished they'd brought more charms to trade. )

Want a Second Seat? 
You may sign up for more than one seat in the swap.  We will do our best to make sure you do not get repeat charms back.  We did very well last year not giving back repeats.  Please indicate on the Swap Survey that you would like to have two seats for yourself.  Please repeat Steps 1-8 and package separately for each seat.

One of your charms should be something creative and fun, an “art charm”.   Make 10 identical (or nearly identical, if you need to substitute materials that's okay).  Suggested materials might include altered metal charms, altered beads and baubles, altered coins, stamped and altered metal pieces, shrinky dink plastic, polymer clay, metal accents such as photo hangers, eyelets, brads.  Please keep the size UNDER the size of a US Quarter (1") to make our bracelets easier to wear.  Also, please make sure that any wires or metals are smoothed so not to snag clothing.     

**NOTE**     Do NOT personalize your charms for the main Charm Swap .  We are doing this "round robin style" so you will not know ahead of time who’s charms you will be receiving back.  If you would like to personalize charms for friends, please make extras and swap those on your own during free time.

The second charm is a "filler" charm. This charm adds a little more color, sparkle and bling to the bracelet and fills in the spaces between our artsy charms.  This should be very simple, just a couple beads on a head pin or an eye pin. You will make 10 of these charms. Please keep the size less than .75" to 1" in length.

ok, are you ready

for this year's theme???


The theme for this year's charm swap is 

"Woodland Fairies"

When I think of Woodland Fairies, I think of mystical creatures flittering and fluttering amongst the forest vegetation and forest critters.  I think of moss, wood, well worn and patina'd metals and rich, earthy colors, even blues, greens, purples, some muted, some shimmery.  I think of gnomes, mushrooms, tiny hidden doors and hideaways for our little forest friends.

Charm Colors:

Rich & shimmery purples, greens, blues & turquoises, mossy greens, lovely creams, rusty and velvety browns & other woodsy colors.

 Metals to Use:

Patina'd and aged brass, bronze,  copper, chocolatey colored wires, etc. Please do not use any silver toned metals.


This altered birdhouse is the inspiration piece for this year's theme.

You will find MORE inspiration and visual dreaminess in the Inspiration Gallery.

PLEASE FOLLOW THE THEME.  This is important to make our swap and all our different charms work and look beautiful together.   Keep with the “Woodland Fairies" look and feel. For more visual ideas and examples please visit our Charm School.  If you have questions, please contact Erin.

Take a deep breath...

this is going to be AMAZING!

Your charms should be sturdy enough to withstand normal wear and tear on a bracelet that will be worn. They should be water resistant and paper items should be covered with some kind of sealer. Mod Podge, liquid glass (please seal with Mod Podge & test to make sure ink does not run before applying liquid glass or dimensional elements type glazes) – Judikins makes a very good sealer for paper art charms -  laminating film, spray sealer, and even clear nail polish are all also great options!

Please bring your own jump rings or YOUR desired clasp to attach your charms to YOUR bracelet. Spring ring and lobster clasps can add up price wise and are quite bulky, so save some money and space and use jump rings to attach your charms to your bracelets. 

7. PACK THEM UP (Please follow these instructions):
* Attach your charms  (in PAIRS, your art charm + spacer charm) to a piece of cardstock or make a tiny card (business card size or 3x3 size) to share with our ladies.  LABEL the cardstock/card with YOUR NAME and (optional) contact information.   You can use a stick-on label,  just a small piece of cardstock with your name, or create a digital "card".  Some ladies use their business cards to attach their charms to as well.   You may do this step as simply or as creatively as you'd like. 

* Put your charm cards in individual small plastic bags or clear envelopes.  This is VITAL in case your charms fall off the card or come apart in your travels.  PLEASE DO NOT SKIP this step.

* Place all your charm packs for the swap in 1 GALLON size bag.  No bag?  You can purchase one  from me for $1.00

LABEL the GALLON bag with your NAME.  Charm Fairies will not accept your charms if there is no name on the bag.

This is what your charms should look like when they are all
packaged up in pairs w/their cards/cardstock:

This is how your charms should be packaged in your GALLON size ziploc bag this
photo shows the two swaps we did last year. This year there is only ONE swap:

Bring your charms for the swap!  Place all your small bags (you should have 9 sets in the bag, keep one set for yourself) into a large gallon sized zip baggie with your name written boldly on the bag.  

Erin & the Charm Fairies will collect all charms at camp on Friday evening and you will receive your gallon-sized baggie back on Saturday with your completed charms inside.

Bracelets are not included in this Charm Swap. If you want to assemble your bracelet at camp, please bring it with you. It is fun to take a group picture of all the bracelets!  You also may want to put a few of your charms on a pendant or pin instead.  Bring your own tools (round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, etc) to assemble your bracelet.  You will need these basic tools for the CU jewelry class as well.

Visit our Charm School using the above navigation links!  View some amazing examples and links to visit various sites with even more examples, inspiration, and INSTRUCTION.

You can also find tutorials for making bead charms online through a search engine.  Two Peas In A Bucket has fabulous ideas and examples.

YouTube is a FABULOUS resource for finding basic jewelry making directions on how to use head pins/eye pins, wrap beads, and other jewelry techniques.

And you can always ask Erin for advice, or post on the group's Facebook website.

You can do it! I am SO excited!