Welcome to Charm School.  Here you will find some basic information to help you get started on your creative adventure in charm making.  Browse around our files and photos that I have collected and then take off on the world wide web and have fun learning and growing your jewelry making skills.  Charm making is a whole lot easier than many people think.  You only need a few basic tools and supplies to make simple charms.

Charm bracelets are a common use of both beads and art charms, but you can also add charms to other pieces of beaded jewelry, such as a necklace or earrings.  You can make your own beaded charms with a few beads, head or eye pins, and a simple wire loop and create mixed media art charms with a variety of supplies from your craft room. Mixing and matching both types of charms is a great way to get creative with your jewelry.

I have listed below several sections containing various information.  Spend some time perusing and dreaming before creating your charms.  There are some FABULOUS examples on the web and in various jewelry catalogs such as Avon, Cookie Lee & Lia Sophia!