In our swaps we are going to be creating two types of charms - Filler Charms and Creative Charms (also known as Art Charms). Tresa found a fabulous book online called, "Making Mixed Media Art Charms",  I perused the preview pages on Amazon and found some fabulous information, ideas, and inspiration.  This book is on my Christmas wish list.  I think it would make a great "stocking stuffer". Tee hee!

 So what is an Art Charm?  

The author of Making Mixed Media Art Charms defines Art Charms as "the product of an individual artist or collaborative group, but is not something that has been cranked out in a factory".   Art Charms are creative pieces of jewelry that you design using a variety of materials (aka Mixed Media) such as "wood, metal, glass, paper, stones, beads, found objects, recycled items, vintage treasures, game pieces, bottle caps... you get the picture".  Be creative. Have Fun

When creating your Art Charms for our swap please keep in mind these safety points:

* Avoid using nickel based metal parts.
* Avoid using lead based paints or solders.
* Snip off loose wire ends.
* File down any jagged edges.
* Seal any rusty pieces.
* Make them STURDY... we don't want charms falling apart.

Here are some fun examples that I have collected from various websites. You can also peruse the photos in the theme descriptions & Inspiration gallery for fun and inspiring pieces for your Art Charms!