To get started making very basic "beaded" charms you need just a few simple tools.  These simple tools come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Choose some to fit your hand size and creative flair!  Many of us have these in our craft stash already and some of you might be able to steal them from your significant other's tool box.  When I first started making jewelry I stole all of Brent's little pliers and tools and thankfully he didn't notice until I'd worn out the first set and replaced them for him.

Tools To Get You Started Making Charms

  Round Nose Pliers
  Flat Nose Pliers
(the kind with flat "jaws", no teeth)
  Wire Snips/Cutters
 Crimp Tool
(you probably won't use it for charms,
but I guarantee you will use it for other
jewelry making projects)

 Eye Pins
 Head Pins
 Ball Pins
 Jump Rings
(for connecting to bracelets, etc.)
 And loads of glorious

Once you've mastered the art of a basic beaded charm you can move on to more artistic and creative charms such as mixed media, resin, and altered piece charms!